Stop 3:

The University of Ottawa

Project of Heart

Welcome to The University of Ottawa, Ontario Partner of Project of Heart

At this stop, we will learn about Project of Heart, an arts-based social justice initiative that invites learners of all ages to honour survivors of residential schools and take action to end ongoing inequities. We will also learn about the history of the University of Ottawa, which was founded by the Oblates.

Step 1: Learn

Watch these videos and then explore the Project of Heart Website

Project of Heart Tiles

Project of Heart and the University of Ottawa

Step 2: Honour

  1. Create a gesture of reconciliation. Please click here for information on how you might go about doing this.

  2. Make their gesture wearable or sharable so that you might teach others. Email Project of Heart to request a tile, and include a self-addressed and pre-postage-paid envelope to receive a tile by mail.

  3. Post a selfie of you wearing your gesture of reconciliation on social media.

Step 3: Act

  • Read this article and this article and video to learn more about the Catholic Church's role in Residential Schools and their ongoing refusal to cooperate fully.

  • Please read and sign this petition demanding that the Catholic Church release all Residential School records and pay reparations that were promised years ago.