How to Go on the Tour

There are two ways to do this tour. You decide!

1. Self-Guided in Person Tour- Ottawa

If you are in Ottawa, why not take yourself, your family, or your friends on a reimagine Canada (day) bike, walk, or roll tour? Please remember to follow Ontario Covid-19 protocols while on the tour. Share your tour experiences on Social media using the hashtags #ReimagineCanadaDay2021 and #HeartGardens215

Click here to access the tour map!

Click here to access a GPS BIKE MAP

2. Virtual Tour-anytime, anywhere.

If you are more comfortable doing this tour from home, or if you are not in Ottawa, this website is all you need! There are 5 stops to this tour, which you will find in the navigation menu above! At each stop, you are invited to learn, honour, take action, and keep learning so that you might "reimagine" the Canada that you call home. Although many of the resources are offered only in English, we endeavour to include French and Indigenous Language resources as much as possible. This work is ongoing.

Below are the details of each step.

Step 1: Learn

In the learning component, you are invited to listen to stories about places and people that might be different from the ones you know. These new stories help us broaden our perspectives about Canada, and about our collective history. They help us think about what we have been taught, and how that influences our perspectives.

Step 2: Honour

Once we know, we can't unknow. How will we honour the stories that we have heard, and the lessons we have learned? In this component, you are invited to honour your learning by responding in creative and respectful ways. Ideas for honouring our given for each stop.

Step 3: Act

Finally, you are invited to take action after you have learned and honoured. What can you do to be part of a Canada where First Nations, Inuit, and MĂ©tis peoples are treated with respect, dignity, and recognized as sovereign nations with inherent rights? Reconciliation must include action. As Chief Irwin Redsky, of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation asks, "How can there be any reconciliation in a country where this kind of inequality is acceptable?"

Step 4: Keep Learning

Now that you have learned, honoured, and taken action, make a commitment to learn and do more. Each stop features a carefully curated selection of further resources so that you can keep learning.